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L, the Illuminator

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I am happy to inform all the open-minded book lovers looking for real answers and knowledge that our book series, entitled L, the Illuminator – which was presented on VNTV and has generated great interest and response...

The Forgotten Promise – 20

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Masaru Emoto and István Jakab talk about water, water crystal photography, and their effect to our everyday life.

We are playing God without God – 19

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István Jakab's monologue about the immigrant situation in Europe, and the solution he proposes.

The fragility of Hungarian Sacrality – 18

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Conversation with István Jakab and László Bogár, about the fragility of Hungarian sacrality.

Consciousness in Unconsciousness – 17

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Conversation with István Jakab and István Dienes about the question: what can a conscious person do in an unconscious world?

A saman’s journey around the world – 16

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Our Children’s Reality – 15

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Conversation between Gábor Vona and István Jakab about the educational policy, and the future of our children.

Who is Hungarian? – 14

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Conversation with Gábor Vona and István Jakab about the spiritual side of being Hungarian. And is it possible for a political party to be free of the background powers?

What Would Gabor Vona Do? – 13

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If Gabor Vona would get a free hand, what would he do to lead Hungary out of the mess it is currently in? Conversation with István Jakab and Gabor Vona on VNTV's FVQ program.

What Does Father Pio Tell Us? – 12

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A conversation between István Jakab, and political party leader Gábor Vona.

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